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If you need help, feel free to send your usage questions to, or join, the Rlib-users mailing list.

Want to help RLIB development?

Join or e-mail the development mailing list, or visit the SourceForge project page for more information.

Already written a patch?

Get Your Code Committed

If you'd like to see your work included in the official project repository, there are two small hurdles to jump: patch approval and copyright assignment. You can do these steps in either order:

Patch Approval

Just like any open development project, changes need to be approved by the project maintainers before they can be committed. To request a review and commit, send a patch (diff) to the RLIB-development mailing list. The development team will evaluate your work and may request changes in style or content before accepting and applying the patch.

Copyright Assignment

SICOM requires copyright assignment for certain types of code contributions. This is so that SICOM can enforce the copyright in the program as the owner of the entire program, or use a dual license on the code. In other words, we don't have to drag you with us if we go to court to defend the GPL, and we can use a dual license (similar to Mozilla) for commercial purposes. To complete this step, please download, print, and sign the copyright assignment form. Then, mail the completed form to:

SICOM Systems Inc.
RLIB Division
4140 Skyron Drive
Doylestown, PA 18938

Kudos to the following for their contributions:

  • Zoltan Boszormenyi
  • - (signed copyright), contibuted tons of items including the Win32 port
  • Everton Luis Berz
  • Heri Steuer - (signed copyright), contibuted various fixes
  • John Buckman - (signed copyright), contibuted various fixes